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An ongoing series of informational entries

NEWS : Rome Italy

01/Gennaio /2022

Siamo di nuovo Aperte, Rinnovate, piu' in Forma ed Operative che mai e con tante belle novità.

Prima fra siamo trasformate in una   BEAUTY MINI SPA & MAKE UP LAB.

Specializzate in PERSONALIZZAZIONE !!!!!

     Massaggi estetici PERSONALIZZATI

     Trattamenti viso PERSONALIZZATI


      Lami Maker-Lash Maker- Henne' Artist

Non diamo false speranze

Non diamo false promesse

Non promettiamo l' impossibile



      Ed allora...Vi aspettiamo pronte per coccolarvi .

 Offriamo i nostri servizi in totale sicurezza anticovid seguendo le norme per e con  la massima igiene e dinfettazione degli ambienti e del personale. 

NEWS : Rome Italy


Putroppo per ragioni pandemiche entreremo in zona rossa e quindi lockdown forzato. Saremo chiusi dal 15 Marzo 2021 al 5 Aprile 2021. Riapriremo di nuovo operative e piene di energia ed entusiasmo dal 6 Aprile 2021. Vi aspettiamo.

 Due to a lockdown from the pandemic,we ll be closed from the 15th of march. till the 5th of April. We ll be again back to work from the 6th of April.We will update  as soon as possible.

NEWS : Rome Italy


Malgrado il lockdown dovuto alla pandemia del covid19, finalmente Italian Skincare è pronta a ripartire nuovamente a Roma Italia !!!

Seguiremo tutte le linee guida di sicurezza e di sanificazione adeguate alle leggi del paese italiano, contro la diffusione del virus durante i trattamenti.

Vi aggiorneremo il prima possibile.

Even during the Lockdown due to the pandemic of the covid19 ,finally Italian Skincare is ready to restart again in Rome Italy !!!

 We will follow all the safety guidelines of sanitising of the Italian country laws , against the spread of the virus during the treatments.

 We will update  as soon as possible.

NEWS : Christmas Time


From the 16th of December 2019 till the 2nd of January 2020 the Spa Room will be closed. 

Maria will be in Italy, and she will be back ready to work again, from Thursday the 3rd of January 2020 till the very end of February. After that Italian Skincare will be moving in Orlando Florida looking for a new location.

 Merry Christmass , and Buon Natale.

NEWS : Best of the Best 2019​


Happy to announce that after just 6 months  of Businnes activity in wake Forest NC as Italian Skincare, me , Maria, the owner, as been choosen to be the first Best of the Best Esthetician 2019 in the Wake County,NC.

i am very proud of it, and guarantee that i will always do my job as i always did ,with professionality, honesty, humbleness , but especially  with  great love for it. Grazie.

Blog Entry : Exfoliation of the skin


The Exfoliation of the skin is very important because it helps to remove all the dead cells of the first layer of the skin, wich is called Stratum Corneum of the Epidermis. We have 3 kinds of exfoliation : The scrub, the chemical peeling and the enzyme. But now we ll talk about the Scrub.

It is made with micrograins, that usually comes from nature , for example from the seeds of the apricots. Rubbing the micrograins on the surface of the skin, they phisically remove all the dead cells from it, That s why the scrub is also called in the professional language Mechanical Exfoliation of the skin. The scrub must n t be done every single day, but at least two times a week, because we must give the right time to the cells of the skin to reborn, renew and regenerate the layer of the Stratum Corneum. After the scrub the skin will be more clean and ready to receive and absorb all the good ingredients of the moisturizer that we ll put after, to hydrate and nourish the skin. I hope you enjoyed this explanation and advices about the scrub, and If you want to see the video of this blog, you can visit the FaceBook Page Estetica Italiana or go to Youtube. If you have any questions, please email me, i ll be glad to answer for your needs.

Blog Entry: Basic facial Second part


We finished the first part of the Basic Facial with the extraction . For this reason the skin will be inflamed and red, so we need to put immediately a beautyful soothing Mask, to calm the redness and relax the skin. After 10 minuts almost with the mask, we ll remove it and we ll put a Serum. It is a concentrate of High Hydrating and Nourishing ingredients, and it s molecoles are very small in order to penetrate better inside the pores of the skin. After massaging it and after it is completely absorbed by the skin, we ll put a second Mask to Hydrate and also to keep the action of the serum inside the skin. we ll remove the mask after 10 minuts with a Hot Towel, to clean the skin from the mask, but also to detoxinate and to relax the skin. We ll be finishing with a wonderful and relaxing Massage using an Hydrating Mosturizer. After all these steps, the skin will be clean and relaxed. As a general rule, i advice to do a Basic Facial once before the summer, it would prepare the skin against the hit of the sun, the sweat , the sea salt from the sea or chloro from the pool when we ll go to swim. Once right after the summer to clean the skin from the sweat, and all the elements that made our skin dirty from the summer, and another in the middle of the winter, to help the skin againts the cold and the external atmosphere agents. If you want to see the video of this blog, you can vist the FaceBook Page Estetica Italiana or go to Youtube. If you have any questions, please email me, i ll be glad to answer for your needs.

Blog Entry: Basic Facial First Part


Basic Facial usually is divided in two sections. The first Section is to Clean the skin in a deep way, the second section helps to Hydtare and Nourish the skin . Regarding the Cleaning, we ll find the Cleanser, wich helps to remove all the dirty from the skin, coming from the enviromental agents, like the pollution, the smog, also the make up that we put on . After that we need to put the Toner, it helps to finish the cleaning of the skin from the cleanser, and also to rebalance the PH of our skin, and it also acts as a gentle antispetic of the skin. We ll continue with the scrub, it is made by micrograins that comes usually from the seeds of the apricots or ther elements from nature, and it helps to remove all the dead cells from the first layer of the skin, wich is called Stratum Corneum of the Epidermis. Removing all the dead cells of the skin, all the hydratyng products that we ll put after will be absorbed in a better way. We ll continue with the Steamer, it helps to open the pores , and detoxinate the skin. We ll finish the first sections of the basci facial with the extraction. We ll remove phisycally with a professional technic, all the Comedons or Blackheads from our skin. Please don t do the extraction at home, cause it can cause worste inflamation and scars in the skin. Go always to an esthetician that can do that in a professional and correct way..

If you want to see the video of this blog, you can visit the Facebook Page Estetica Italiana, or go on youtube. We ll talk about the second section of the Basic Facial in the next blog.

Blog Entry:Italian Skincare is Open Now


Hello Everybody, i am very happy to announce that " Italian Skincare" Facials & Body Treatments is now open in Wake Forest -NC. In this Spa my services will be all kind of Facials and Body Treatments. They are very important because they help to clean in a deep way , Hydrate and Nourish the skin. They are made with a skin analysis, a gentle cleanser, a toner, a scrub , a steaming if needed and extraction if needed as well. Also a mask, a serum and an hydrating moisturizer with a nice relaxing massage. I am going to do all kind of facials, like the Basic facial, or Hydrating, or for Oily skin, or Antiaging, or Acid Glycolic, or also Enzyme.

At this point, what else to say ? i ll be waiting just for you. 

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